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Gold necklace with coin sun pendant
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Welcome to our Shop! Here you can find extraordinary Ibiza-styled Jewelry. Another special feature is that our jewelry is handmade with love in Frankfurt. When you look around in our shop, you will find necklaces, bracelets, rings and also earrings. It is our pleasure to produce casual leather jewelry for women, men and other genders. In our shop you can either take a few minutes to select wonderful leather necklaces with pendants or decide to go for our vintage-fashioned leather chains which feature multiple rows of high quality leather. We offer you high quality Jewelry that is absolutely trendy. Currently, it's the vintage style, the ethnic look and the symbol jewelry. You will always find wonderful pendants, such as the heart, the skull, the star and more. Not only for yourself, but also as a high quality gift for your loved ones. Of course we also carry timeless models that you can wear regardless of any trend.

Discover fancy jewelry for yourself

We offer our jewelry mainly made from the materials leather and silver. Thats reasonable, because these two materials not only look good, but are also quite robust and easy to take care of. Whether you choose leather bracelets with hearts or skulls, or a piece of jewelry where leather is barely visible. We offer everything your heart desires. Take your time to look around, there are no opening times online. Therefore you can buy fancy bracelets and chains all around the clock or discover our silver marble rings in 925 sterling silver. The Ibiza fashion style stands in the foreground for us. You can buy wonderful individual chains in many different variants. Have you been looking for a short leather necklace with a pendant for your daughter or an elegant leather bracelet for your husband? Everything is just here. Our leather braided bracelets could also be very interesting for you. You should look at these.
If you do not want to go with the flow and want to wear fancy jewelry, you will find it with us. We value high quality, so that your piece of jewelry brings a long life with it. Fashion-conscious ladies as well as gentlemen who love extraordinary accessories buy our jewelry.

Order custom-made products on request

We have a little more to offer than the range of smooth and braided leather jewelry that you can see on our website. Since we craft all our jewelry by hand, it is easy to take certain customer requirements into consideration. Above all you want bracelets made of leather and silver to a certain measurement? Then contact us. We will be happy to help you!
Your individual jewelry is guaranteed to attract everyone's attention, like the entire jewelry from our online shop. As you will surely see for yourself, we have products that are not available elsewhere. Have you already discovered the rings that we carry? These too can convince and sometimes seem romantic, casual or elegant. We have the right jewelry for every taste. You can wear our jewelry on all occasions.We hope you will love the jewelry we have to offer. Our products are not only worn by adults but also by teenagers. Our products are reminiscent of the jewelry from beach holidays and looks very cool even for the little ones!
We could tell a lot more about our special jewelry but pictures are known to say more than words. Therefore we wish you a lot of pleasure to look at our leather necklaces, bracelets and rings. Surely you will like our pendants that fit to many chains. Perfect is that the entire jewelry in our shop can be combined well. So you could wear jewelry chains with leather fringes and pendants, plus the braided leather bracelet and a matching silver ring. Look, marvel and order the perfect jewelry!